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DXTORY Support Thread

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by taqattack, May 16, 2012.

  1. ch4in4

    ch4in4 New Member

    ...are you still working on that stopping issue with ffsplit and dxtory? or is this a general problem and not only with dxtory?
  2. Llama

    Llama Administrator Staff Member

    We're currently testing a build with webcam support where you can hook in DXTory which will solve most problems with it. Soon (tm)
  3. Derpster

    Derpster New Member

    Hmm, having the problem with stream going offline as soon as I alt-tab when using dxtory. Is this something being worked on or should I move on trying different settings?
  4. DaViLeXBR

    DaViLeXBR Member

    Try settings images for filling blank area and whenever you tab out of the game... worked for me
  5. Cash

    Cash New Member

    Stream DROPs after 5 min each time, can u give some advice?
  6. Micolithe

    Micolithe New Member

    FFSplit can't seem to connect to DxTory video 1. I have bit trip runner open in the background, recording in directshow output mode, (mostly because it's the least system intensive game I can think of), I have FFSplit set to DxTory Video 1, and the preview just shows a gray box that says "Connecting..."

    I've gotten it to work just fine before, clearly there's something I'm missing.

    I also know the problem isn't on DxTory's end, as I can open up VirtualDub's capture AVI mode and select DxTory Video 1 and view it just fine from there.
  7. Hxnk

    Hxnk New Member

    I've followed the guide to use VAC/DXTORY/FFsplit, but when I stream the video feed is very choppy and even the vods are choppy. I have very fast internet, and I set everything the same and followed the exact steps. Am I missing something?
  8. Tak0r

    Tak0r New Member

    FFSplit + Overlay with DXTory @1080 is extremly laggy and it's not my PC which is causing this.
    I Got a 3770K @ 4.2 GHz and in XSplit this Works just perfectly fine!
    Anyone here who knows where the Problem could be?
  9. NoveL

    NoveL New Member

    When is the new version with dxtory and webcam coming?
  10. Arimang

    Arimang New Member

    I'm having this issue with a big black box since I tried to use dxtory for skyrim o_O