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Muting Skype/Mumble/TeamSpeak/Ventrilo with Virtual Audio Cable

Discussion in 'Documentation and Tutorials' started by taqattack, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. taqattack

    taqattack Administrator Staff Member

    How does it work?

    Using Virtual Audio Cable, it's simple enough. FFsplit captures from Default Playback Device in windows. We can set the Default Playback Device to Line 1. Next, we can route all the audio going to Line 1 to speakers/headset. Lastly, we set the application that we want to ignore to use speakers/headsets so FFsplit doesn't pick up the audio.


    How to do it?

    Step 1:
    Using VAC's control panel (vcctlpan.exe) make sure at least one cable is set to "Line"


    Step 2:
    Set FFsplit to use the Default Windows Playback Device


    Step 3:
    Open your Playback Devices page by right-clicking on your Volume Mixer and selecting Playback Devices. You can also go to Control Panel > Sound


    Step 4:
    Right click Line 1 and set it as the Default Playback Device


    Step 5:
    Since this is a "virtual" speaker, it won't play anything to your speaker/headset. If you actually want to hear your game/etc (and you probably do) then you need to either:

    The Easy Way:

    Find Line 1 in the Recording device list and right-click Properties


    Select the Listen tab and check Listen to this device, then set it to your speakers/headset (low latency).


    The Hard Way:

    Use Virtual Audio Cable's audio repeater software to send Line 1 data to your speakers/headset (higher latency, due to the buffer). You need to run this every time you want to hear normal Window sounds in your speakers/headset.


    Most people prefer to use the easy way but it may not work for some people. The second method works for everyone.

    Step 6:
    Open the software you don't want to listen to livestream to hear (for example: Skype), navigate its options menus then set it to output playback directly through your speakers/headset instead of the default device


    Skype only outputs to speaker/headset. FFsplit only captures from Default Playback Device, which is Line 1. All your other sounds that go through Line 1 will show up on the livestream but not Skype because its using speakers/headset.